Same Item Number but different description and BOM, Make to Order

We sell custom electrical panels under three different series names. (T100, T200, or T300) Hundreds of variants. We are a Make to order / Engineer to order manufacturer. The salespeople use the primary series name and then change various description details to satisfy the customers needs. Currently, at the time of engineering, a specific BOM is linked at a Job (production order) which linked to that specific Sales Order.

Is is possible to use one standard Item Number with “generic” description first and then modify part details (description and cost) and have everything cascade through shipping and invoicing for that order with those changes intact? Even if others are using the same Item number with a different description.

Hi EOGco
we are in the same business industry and would like to check if you succeeded with ERPnext in your company or not

We have not moved forward with any implementation. Finding data and cleaning it up for import when the time comes.