Same item with Different made in Country

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We are buying single (same) item from different countries with different cost and creating different item code for such items. Example we buy one item=1 from china, the same item then later bought from Taiwan and then from India. Three of items are with same packaging and with our logo. As the item cost of the each one is different and sale price too are different we create different item code like item1-China, Item1-Taiwan, item1-India. Due to these practice our item list is huge and sometime its get difficult to to the ordering too.

is there any other way around we can minimize this item list and create only one item and divide by its Made in Type. Which allow us to just check the one item and show us the stock by different made in.

i am not sure if i have describe it correctly but appreciate your help on this.

Yes, it is better if you keep a single record of the Item irrespective of the country. What you can do is create multiple Price Lists for different country and link it to the Item.

While making transactions, like PO/SO, you can select the Price List of your choice.

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Well it all depends on how much granularity of data you wish to have. If you want to maintain separate valuations on ERPNext for the Taiwanese, Chinese and Indian items, you have to maintain separate items. But that means that your Item Master increases threefold.

If you have a single item, you can use the Batch NUmber functionality to identify the country of origin. Like your ItemA is a batched item and the Batches are ItemA-Taiwan, ItemA-China and ItemA-India. You need the ItemA prefix as you have to have a unique batch number. However the valuation will be all over the place depending on Moving Average or FIFO. I would not recommend this approach.

You can use a single item and drop them into separate warehouse like Taiwan, China and India. Yes! That’s your solution!! That keeps the valuation separate for each warehouse. However your users need to drop the items into the correct warehouse. Plus if tomorrow ERPNext decides to have a single valuation across all warehouses, you will lose the ability to maintain separate valuation rates.

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Thank you very much for your replies.


Appreciate if you could provide me the more details about price list. How to create multiple price list for different country and link it to it.

Documentation is your friend.

Price List: Price Lists

Item Price: Item Price

Once you’ve created multiple price lists, you can tag them with the customer/supplier:

@ mushylimdi
How do you solve the issue with the Country of Origin on the item itself?
It is only a single field you can not enter more then one origin. As well how do you do it on the documents like sales order and purchase order, there needs to be only one origin mentioned. Otherwise you will face issues with the custoemr/supplier as well with customs agency.
I face the same issue with my item. Therfore I would like to know how you solved this issue?

I would use Item Variants. The variant would be the Country of Origin and they may have different prices

I tried to use a “multi Select Field”, however I am using als variants and my System is loosing the date in the Item Template it it synconised over items variantes setting.
I planed to fetch this multi select field in an other doctyp. But so far I was not able to mange it.


Were you successful in fetching this type of field in another doctype?

Unfortunately not. I am currently using the latest Version 13.18.0. However it is still not working correctly. Sometimes the date is fetched twice or even ore times. or not at all.

What I also figured is that the Variant items setting might be an issue. Because if you shut this of it worked better.

Still searching for a solution

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