Same serial number but different item


I have a scenario where I have a couple of item with same serial number.

How do I go around that or are we able to remove this validation?




Could you please elaborate your exact use case ? ,

Items are generally tracked by serial number so that each piece of item can be tracked separately , Typically a serial number must be unique and can not be assigned to more than 1 quantity , If you have more than 1 quantity to be tracked , it would be necessary to track it as “BATCH” or “LOT”

Hi @Rajneesh_Sheth,

I have Item A and Item B. Both somehow both of their serial number are the same.

Different manufacturers but luck has it, both serial numbers are the same.

I cannot use Item_A_serial_number and Item_B_serial_number because those are not the serial numbers (though it is a workaround).



Hi ,

If both are different items (Viz. Item A and Item B ) and not the same (Viz. Item A) then you can assign same serial number to both items as serial numbers are meant to be unique within item and not across items.,

If you have same serial number for one item itself (Viz. Item A) then in such case you will need to prefix / suffix it with some other item characteristics else you will not be able to track the item throughout its lifecycle

Hope this helps

Hi @Rajneesh_Sheth

What version are you on?

Hi ,

I am in the process of implementing the current version


Hello Rajneesh_Sheth.

Are you solve this issue. Same Serial No Provide for different Items…?