Same Serial Number from sub item to finished goods

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We have been struggling for some time on trying to pass a serial number for a sub-assembled item to the finished goods. Our item (a compressor) is assembled from a BOM and assigned a serial number. Once sold to a specific country, we add the relevant mains lead and user manual for that country and want to use the same serial number assigned to the sub-assembled item. I was under the impression from previous discussions this was NOT possible with then came across…

rmehtaNov '15
@ruchin78 you can pass on Serial No from a raw material to finished goods. But that works only if you have one major serial no item. If you have multiple then you will have to serialize your finished goods too.

Could someone explain to me how this can be done then?



Hello Brent,

As earlier, a finished item cannot have exactly same Serial No. as a sub-assembly item. But for your reference, when defining Serial No. for the finished item, you can use Serial No. of the sub-assembly item for it. For example.

Say Serial No. of the sub-assembly item is: GJV34H7657K5

When creating Manufacture entry against Production Order, then set Serial No. of the finished item as FG-GJV34H7657K5

As per this approach, the Serial No. of the finished item will contain Serial No. of the sub-assembly item as well. Hope this answers your query.