Sample Company with Setup


I have just started to learn ERPNext. I have created a company with the few basic setup. As it is an entirely new company, there are many things to setup.
Does ERPNext have a sample company which has all the setup already done so that we can import the backup file? I find it easier to learn by working on a sample company, in creating new master data and creating new transactions, instead of learning setup for a start.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hm i dont think so.
But maybe you can run the module tests. In these tests many sample records will be created…

Hi Joelios

How do I run the module tests? Please advise.
Thanks very much


Hi @Derrick

Go to directory


And run

$ bench run-tests


Hi, i just bumped on this while searching for a test system which can be downloaded to learn before going live. but i dont see a test environment or the module test existing.

For any new company going into the erpnext, can easily have data available in excel sheets of suppliers, customers, item inventory, sales order, purchase order, bank and cash. but how do one go step by step and in way compatible to erpnext.

i found some you tube helps ERPNext - Importing data from spreadsheet file - YouTube . but i dont see those colourful icons in my sytem!?.

, getting started goes straight to the action.

ERPNext Manual: Table of Contents - i think this may help me, let me check.

sure every new user gone through the initial troubles in understanding or trial&error method. Appreciate if anyone share their experience of a startup and successful running.