Sample data for REST API POST for a Purchase Order


I am experimenting with using the REST api for interacting with ERPNext. So far, I have been able to login, do GET requests to get resources and do some POST requests to create new supplier, customer, etc. Now I am trying to create a purchase order and I got stuck.

I don’t know the data that I need to pass to create a purchase order. When I do a get on an existing purchase order, I see that it has a lot of attributes and some nested data as well (such as items). How do I identify what the bare minimum data is to create a purchase order?

This question is a bit more generic as well. How would I know what is the bare minimum data to pass to create any document - like purchase order, purchase receipt, invoice, etc. ?


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looking for the same …

You can go to data import select the required doctype and download the mandatory fields. You can use those fields to make your api