hi im not a developer. can someone give me a sample print format of quotation so that we can customize ours? from there it would be a little easier for us to understand.

Do read this.

Standard print formats are auto generated from the form layout.

I’m also having a hard time figuring out how to create a custom template for quotations. Unfortunately the standard templates don’t include one for the quotation. I don’t understand where the default one is located so I can use this as a reference for building my own?

Furthermore, if I copy the example, than the table isn’t generated. Presumably this is because there is no


I tried changing this to


But that didn’t work as well.

Any help where to start with a working custom template?

Standard formats are auto-generated

doc.quotation_details should work - there might be some other issue.

Why doesnt the standard print format include item name?? It has item code and description but item name is omitted!

You can show item name in Print Format.

  1. Go to Customize Form
  2. Enter Form Type “Sales Order Item” in case of Sales Order.
  3. In field list, open item name.
  4. uncheck “Print Hide” option
  5. Now, Item Name will be shown in standard print format.