Saudi Arabia E-Invoice Phase-1

Hello Community, We are working on the E-invoicing Phase-1, regulations implemented by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, Saudi Arabia.

Our team has completely understood the requirement for Phase-1 and went through all the official regulation documentation published by the government officials.

Our Goal: To provide the compatible version of ERPNEXT with E-invoicing requirement for the Phase-1 and later on Phase-2 (which will be started from 2022-2023)

At this moment, our team is finished with QR code generation as per the government Structure of the QR code. We generate and print QR codes encoded in Base64 format with up to 500 characters that contain the fields specified as per the Controls, Requirements, Technical Specifications, and Procedural Rules for Implementing the Provisions of the E-Invoicing Regulation.

We are ready to collaborate if anyone is working on this, or wants to work on this.

And, once we develop it, we will make it open for all. And, It will be Opensource.

Looking forward to potential collaboration.


@ahmadpak90 has worked on it. Maybe you can collaborate with him.


I hope it will be available soon.

@Shivam_Patel Have you made any progress on this? Or maybe, collaborated on it with @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi as mentioned by @Muzzy above?

Since now in KSA e invocing is now mandatory. it is better for you people to look for Saudi Arabia E-Invoice Phase-2