Saudi/UAE VAT - Claiming VAT for Expenses

Hi ,

As I understand in Saudi you can claim the VAT paid on expenses.
How I can handle it ERPNext .
Anyone tried this , expecting your comments .


All The VAT which you are paying, must be linked to 1 GL Code. and you can get summary or detail report against that GL, along with Voucher number.

That you can claim with supporting documents.

Purchase tax template need to be attached to every purchase receipt/purchase invoice which has VAT.

This purchase template will make a posting in your Input VAT GL and from there at the end of every tax period you can net output VAT with Input VAT and pay the differential to tax authority

Thanks for your replay.
But I am referring about the vat paid against the expenses.
Like Rent , office maintenance , fuel expense , the business is paying the tax for these expenses.
So how we account input vat for expense .

Record them using purchase invoice without any item code. Just put the details in item name with qty and convesion factor 1 and attach the tax template

Thanks @ushashmi for your suggestion , I will try it .

Hi ,
I just want to know how I can make the purchase against expense account. How I can use the expense account , I am getting only creditors account.

U will see the accouting section once u open the the dropdown of items table

Its better to approach the Government Approved Agencies like WORLDWIDEFORMATIONS to clarify your concerns regarding the same