Save button missing in field level permission

I Set field-level permission for Project doc for a particular role. Because that role user can only permission to update a particular field.

All fields displayed as ready only and the particular field set for edit permission is editable. But the problem is, there is no save button to save the editable field.

How can I enable the save button for this field-level permission Doc?

It being saved as you add , I think so, try again

It is not getting saved automatically. When i tried to reload the form the field again be null.

Its working perfectly at my end so there is no need of save button there, the design is like so . Go there and change one setting and quit and come back, you find your setting saved. In previous versions , there was no save button too.

I am using this version

erpnext 12.20.0
frappe 12.17.0

Giving write permission to Expected End Date field in Project Doc.

Still, the date field is not saved automatically for me

I believe, it should be the same as in version 13, you can try to reload the doc and see also if it works fine with latest release of version 12

Anyone having the same issue?

I can’t find a solution for this in the above version mensioned.

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