Save/copy Encryption Key at the end of Installation

I recently started using ERPNext on as production server . After a few days later i wanted to test something so I downloaded the backup and restored on my local server. But it keep asking Encryption key is invalid, Please check site_config.json

I believe it is better to email or notify the person who installing the ERP to copy the encryption key to safe location for restoration.

I also have doubt, does the encryption key has any connection to the SSL certificate?

I found the answer for this…

  • You can keep/delete the encryption key from the site_config.json (i deleted actually)
  • I created ssl certificate to check any relation with the encryption too, but no luck.

‘Encryption key is invalid, Please check site_config.json’ when creating users mean you have to delete the default email outgoing email account and create again…

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This is the solution I was looking for.
Thanks a lot man. You saved me a lot of headache.

The key is to replace the default outgoing account with.

Would be good to mark this as a solution, because that’s the real solution if key replacement with old one is not possible (anymore).

Solutions in other threads did not mention it, to my knowledge and they didn’t really work.