Save filter Not saving LIKE

Hi, is anyone experiencing the “save filter” function not saving the “LIKE” filter? I created a filter for a field of “Link” type with some “LIKE” conditions, but when I save the filter all “LIKE” conditions are not saved.

For field of “text”-like types, this does not seem to be an issue.

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Hi @fei,

Which version do you use?


It is Frappe Framework: v13.28.0 (version-13)

I mean the filter is saved, but the “LIKE” conditions are not saved.

Just tested (v13.8.0), and both my filter and the specific “LIKE” conditions were saved.

Hi Brian,

It will work when the field is “text”-like type. But if the the field is a link it will not save the “LIKE” conditions. Could you please try to filter a “link” type field?

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Ahh, you are correct!

I opened the Customer list page. Created a filter on “Customer Group” field, using a wildcard. The filter worked successfully. I saved it.

When I cleared the filter, and re-applied that saved filter? Nothing. The criteria was lost.

Very interesting…

Perhaps you can open a bug on github. That will be easy to resolve for the devs.