Save Sales Invoice with Invoice Number rather than customer Name

Hi folks,

Thanks for your help in the past. Getting good amount of help from the community.

I need a small customization in saving print format. If any help, it would be great.

Scenario: I have generated “Sales Invoice”, No during print I want to save it. During save, name of the pdf file is coming as “Customer Name”.
I want to change to Invoice Naming series as file name, like SINV-ACC-001.pdf, SINV-ACC-002.pdf and so on…

What customization should i do and where should i do it?
Any help please?

Thanks in advance.


You can directly use this PDF button than saving it from the print page.

PDF saved via this button will have the naming series instead of the customer’s name. Let me know if it helps.

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Thank you very much. It worked for me.

But, that brings me to a new issue.
When I click on PDF and generate pdf, font size is changing. Font size coming very big than normal page.

Thank shouldn’t ideally happen. Could you please check the font size set in Print Settings?