Saved doc is not present in query

I am overriding one of the Controller hook method called after_insert to query to the database. Current document which is being inserted is not present in the query yet even though I am utilizing the after_insert method.

Is it possible to flush the transaction in frappe? I need to perform the query and cannot use the self from the document because there is a lot of heavy lifting going on in the SQL query. Code sample:

class SalesInvoice(BaseSalesInvoice):
    def after_insert(self):
        # In reality the following query is very vast and I need to include the record being just created
        records = frappe.db.sql("SELECT * from `tabSales Invoice` WHERE `tabSales Invoice`.name = %(name)s" % dict(name =
        print('Found total %d records % len(records))

What do you suggest here?