Saved General Ledger report issue

i tried to save a particular account in general ledger. but after saving its not filtering that account

  1. opened general ledger
  2. selected that account (Eg: Bank account) to view only bank ledger
  3. Clicked on Save → given name and saved.
  4. then in the report list opened that report and gone to show report.
  5. but in the general ledger that particular account filter is not showing

Is your instance self-hosted or erpenxt-managed?

in cloud hosted

It is in

Check the financial year in JV. Can you see the details in the accounting ledger inside the JV?

I am asking about this

Save a customizable General Ledger Report

It is not working in my instance in

How to achieve it

Normally, if you are able to access into server, you can edit JS file of General Ledger and set the default value you want. But, I am not sure if Frappe Cloud gives an access into server.