Saving Import tool mappings so the mapping can be selected during import

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to save the importing tool maps, for example when you import a csv and map the columns I would like to save that predefined map to just use again. I need to import suppliers price list weekly which is about 150,000 items and would like a map I can just select. Every invoice I create I need to import the items from a packing slip ( I think you call it purchase invoice ) supplied by my supplier into the invoice. The mapping is missing on the invoice item upload.

I’m trying to move from a job management software called Fergus and also Xero which is linked to Fergus. With Fergus I can import documents/csv straight from my supplier with saved mappings.

Is there a more flexible Invoicing option? Allows custom sections on the invoice, edit line items directly on the invoice and add them there without creating an actual Item? When you upload into the invoice, the mapping option is missing, so there is no way to map the columns to the packing slip/purchase invoice

What I have tried so far is a custom DocType where I have all the fields named to suit the CSV, but upon import of that I still have to do the mapping as there are a lot of columns not needed. But then there is no way for this to show up in Items, unless there is a way to link my custom field names with the Item field names. For example I may JA-Code ( supplier Code ) which needs to link to an Item Field, Product Code, Product Description, Manufacture, Barcode, Retail Price and Cost Price, I need to map these to suitable Items fields so they can be used as Items.