Saving the Customization

This is very specific.
I have made changes in forms according to my requirements and it is working very fine.Now what i would like to do is to perform same changes at another site. That is warehouse in remote village. Now instead of doing all changes again is there any way to replicate the changes? So i can carry my customization with me!!!

Export your “Custom Field”, “Custom Script”, “Property Setter” and other things you have customized via Setup > Data > Import Export tool and re-import them

Or add them as fixtures in your new app:!topic/erpnext-developer-forum/QI32AP9sMos

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I have the same question but I do not have any “Custom Field”, “Custom Script” or “Property Setter” in the list of template I can download. Am I missing something?

I have allowed Import to those doctypes. Try after updating.