Saying Hello from Los Angeles

Hello, I would like to say hi to everyone in this community.

I am a garment manufacturer based in Los Angeles California. I really like the idea of implementing ERPnext in my business. I am also interested in tech/programming as a hobby. So I plan on deploying on my own self-hosted server.

Would love to connect with other apparel manufacturers using ERPnext!



Please give Apparelo a try. It is also a Open source frappe app that deals with the garment manufacturing workflows on LOT basis.

Wow thank you for sharing I will check this out.

Hi Vignesh,

Maybe the next Webinar should be on Apparelo. Let’s know if you are ready and we can organize it soon.



I would absolutely love that.

I am a business owner in the apparel manufacturing industry here in Los Angeles California and could help to provide lots of feedback from a business need standpoint to help improve things!

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Yes, we are on. We will schedule this as soon as Vignesh responds with his availability.




Very excited about your project. I would love to help contribute in any way possible. I sent an email to you guys.