Hosting Issue

Greeting Everyone…

This post is for though who consider themselves as Linux expert.

Its known that one of the decent good priced Cloud service providers has issue with ERPNext Hosting. I have a contact inside now willing to optimize there images to work with ERPnext … they only need to know what is missing from there images that is creating the issue.

They are the first one to provide ARMv8 Cores , 1 cloud server with 4 Cores + 2GB RAM + 50G SSD with only 3$ a month!!!

amazing processing power for startup company with very low price.

The point is , we need someone “Expert with Linux” to open account , and try to tell them what is missing for us in there images that stop us from easy install ERPnext .

for that Hero :slight_smile: … please let me know your account name in and i will ask my contact to start direct communication with you till the problem is fixed.

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Given these reports

Installation error on scaleway server
Fresh Install ERPNext on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS failed - #6 by clarkej

Just to footnote that @Pawan reports success Challenges implementing ERPNext on Scaleway VPS

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I was relay hoping to find some expert help by now , still didn’t lose hope.

this is my last update from Scaleway :

Scaleway is suggesting that we take a look at there new Local Boot feature, we should be able to use our own modules with that :

Dose anyone think that this will help !!