Scaling of ERPNext

How well does ERPNext scale in a multi-tenant setup.
Let’s say for a simple ERPNext installation you would need 2cores, 4GB RAM, 100GB Disk.
If I added another tenant to the machine, do the resouces need to be doubled?
Is there a limit (best practice) for multi tenancy? Is it ok to host 100+ or 1000+ on one server?

Important question, hope we get answers from community…

More resources are needed only when the load increases. By load, I mean number of concurrent users or generating bigger reports.
Usually multi tenancy possibly increases the number of concurrent users and not the number of bigger reports.
You need to add more memory and processing power only if the number of concurrent users are going to increase. Just multi tenancy design alone would not require more resources.

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Thanks, valuable information there.
Is there a graph that shows roughly the estimates for a certain number of concurrent users, e.g.
at 1 user you need XX Resources, at 10, at 100, 1000, 10000 etc.