Scan Barcode using Camera in mobile (Icon missing in V13)

Hi, I was using the “Barcode scan with Mobile Phone camera” feature in V12. But, the icon itself is missing now in V13. I have already enabled the “Show Barcode Field” under Stock Settings.

(Screenshot of V13 ERPNEXT)

(Screenshot of V12 ERPNEXT)

Do I have to make any changes to the script or do I have to make any customizations to enable the camera icon in the barcode scan field?

Please help!

Hi Dheeraz,

It seems like bug, can you report it at: Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Is this on the mobile app or browser?

Same thing on browser.

This is a browser. V13 is not accessible through an app available currently in the play store. V12 barcode works with the browser as well.

Have you tried checking the settings and making sure everything’s still enabled? Sometimes updates can cause unexpected changes, so double-checking wouldn’t hurt.