Scan QR in purchase order

I want to ask
If I have a QR code that contains 100 serial numbers. Can I scan it in the purchase order so when I scan it automatically it is added as a 100 Serials for 100 QTY ?


I don’t know if it make sense include serial numbers on a purchase order … When you launch PO you still don’t know what serial numbers will be received. You can include this information on Purchase Receipt. In fact, as far i know, Purchase Order has not mechanism for manage serial numbers.

Anyway, if the QR code contains the serial numbers (with CRLF) you can read it at Serial Number field. Adding some customization should can use Barcode option on Data field to add the “barcode” reader, using the camera. Or,even easier, use some barcode reader app integrated with keyboard on your device, something like this

Note v14 will include a lot of improvements with barcodes management.

Hope this helps.