Scan to attach and Extract Text from Uploaded Files

Following features could be added.

  • Scan button next to attach file, to directly scan and upload document. Current process is cumbersome. Scan → Save → Attach → Browse → Upload.

  • Optimizing server space, using Auto - Compression. Option at time of upload to compress files, based on importance.

  • OCR on upload, to auto fill certain fields, based on predetermined format, or for smarter search. Could be used with, Vendor/Customer registration forms, contact cards, or other standard documents regularly scanned and uploaded.

  • Drag & Drop to attach files

This can save a lot of clerical time, make system intelligent, and save money with better data management.

Additional changes / comments welcome.

I have created Github issue for the same #10751.
Also I have created Bounty for the same. Contribute if you like the feature and want to see it in implementation


How does this work? I am ready to fully fund the bounty if it is a mobile app based that does the taking of photo, OCR, compress and attach both text & compressed image.

Thank you for your suggestion. As rightly pointed by you, I have updated the requirements on bounties page.

It should attached to a specific doctype and allow selection of the transaction within the doctype to attach to. e.g. customers / customerA, sales invoices/INV0004, etc.

Exactly. True

Attachment option is there only for specific transaction within doctype.

Nobody interested?