Schedule notes Notify users with a popup when they log in

i’m created a clone of erpnext notes with this option Notify users with a popup when they log in
so i want hr manager every day notify users with motivation Words
Can i allow to schedule the notify ?
i mean to add start date ?

ERPNext version 11 will have Chat feature. I believe that should suffice )


You can use Note for this:

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i’m already using note for this
but this will take from me to check every day Notify Users i’m asked if i can Schedule this
as i can choose notification end date i can choose notification start date

please i i duplicate note doctype
how can i add the same feature Notify users with a popup when they log in

Here’s what you can try:

Create a custom field in Note

Create a Note you want to be created Daily and then create a new Auto Repeat:

The Reference DocType and Document wont be auto suggested, just fill them manually. Then Save and Submit.

The Note should get created Daily according to the configuration


great thank you i’ll try this
how to make a new doctype with the same option Notify users with a popup when they log in

@fatheyabdelslam we have created a small tool for us called “Broadcast Message” which is live broadcast to all the users who are logged into the system. We use this to notify people of pending hotfix updates that are done during business hours or any other urgent notifications.

It broadcasts to all logged in users only and it pops up so they have to click it away before they can continue.

Broadcast Message List

Example of Broadcast Message

Could be done with WYSIWIG

This is what it looks like

Without the “Message Sent” this is what it looks like for the users.

If this is what you need and if Frappe sees it’s purpose we can contribute this.


i think this is a great option
if non of other users need this i need it
how can i get this ?

i think i’ll need to add these codes
in my custom app and doctype
to show notes when user login

Hey @dominik how exactly did you do this? Custom script?