Schedule task in frappe

i have a function that send emails
def say_hi(receiver):
print(“hi”+receiver )

i want it to execute when exception happen put it in queue and schedule it to run in next day after 24 hours .

how can i accomplish this in frappe .
it will be something like :

import copy

def say_hi(receivers)
    rest_of_receivers = copy.copy(receivers)
    for receiver in receivers:
               print("hi"+receiver )

               enqueue(say_hi(rest_of_receivers),24hours,"job name say hi after 24 hours date" )

You can attach your function in the scheduler “which requires celery” as cron that is explained in the last portion of this page

celery dropped down and redis rq come instead in v7

Check this
and make sure you ran bench enable-scheduler

i don’t think this is what im looking for , it make you called a function from a hook based on time that repeats on a specific time …
what i want is to put it by hand to queue to be executed till the condition meet … then i don’t need it any more !

Are you trying to queueing emails ?

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if so, check this package Not Found

and method

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but send_email function defined to use this function already

if you try to create free sendgrid email … it will allow you only 100 email a day …
what im trying to do is trick that in erpnext
queue will be executed … if this exception occers limited emails … i want it to queue the rest of emails and try again 24 later … so if i have 240 emails
first day 100
second day 100
third day 40 .
and i can see jobs happing in bench doctor and notice whatis going on instaid of useing sleep(24 hours) @ahmed-madi the trick must be here :frowning: i’m not expert in it

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@ahmadRagheb Did you tried this: