Scheduled Backup Working but Download Backups Page Empty in Frappe Docker

I have was able to successfully deployed a cron-like auto-backup using Ofelia. However, the Download Backup page is still empty.

I have read several posts here about this problem and tried all of them but to no avail. It seems that the solutions are for non-Docker deployment.

I have checked my backup directory and all my auto-backup are there. Can someone explain how Frappe is checking that backups are created, so I can check where things get wrong? I am wondering if records of backups are stored in the DB or in Redis Queue and for some reason this is not working on my end.

For reference, here is a screenshot of the page. I noticed that it does not even show table headers.

In addition, when I click Download Files Backup, it would create a backup but still the page is empty and I do not recieve any email, even though I correctly set-up a default outgoing email (I have tested this by sending email to user accounts via the app).

Thank you.

confirm that backups exist in sites/{}/private/backups

It does, and backups are created automatically in this directory. This is why I am not sure why the page is blank. How is the list in this page populated, anyway? And why I am not receiving email for the backup link when I click Download Backup button, even though a backup is created after this.

The page gets updated when I turn on developer_mode, although I still don’t receive any email when the Download Files Backup is clicked. Any idea why this is happening?