Scheduled Job - optimialization - 60 sec background job

I have a question about the time length of the background job.
We have a one that takes about 60 sec. This event is started once for 4 hours.
Is it ok for the system and for the frappecloud environment?

Thanks for replies in advance.

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Jiri Sir

You can try optimizing it. Use recorder (if using recent v15) and see where it’s spending time: Profiling and Monitoring

Hi @ankush,
thanks for quick answer and tip.

The time consumer is known in this case. It is about 500 Get Requests to 3rd site api.

I had a two options:

a) Make a Get Request for each record in specific docType and the result is this 60 sec background event.


b) Get the list of 500 results in one Get Request. In this scenario I load the Api server during fetching of this long list.

Is a) scenario dramatic for frappe/frappe cloud server or exists better solution?

Thank you.
Jiri Sir

1 minute job every 4 hours is not a problem at all :+1:

Thank you very much :wink: