Scheduled payment as invoice


i have a case:
in Sales Order we can set terms for payment. we can make multiple payment schedule, for example:

Grand Total Amount = 10,000USD

 1) due date 20 may 2023 3000USD
 2) due date 25 may 2023 5000USD
 3) due date 30 may 2023 2000USD

how to schedule this to invoices?
since , let’s say, items will not be delivered before customer pay Grand Total Amount as scheduled. Or, some items will be delivered after schedule 1 and the remaining items will be delivered after the rest outstanding amount is paid.

thank u

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In the payment terms template you can set the invoice portion and the due date in days.

already done that. but then in the report view still only 1 due date is there

only the the due date as in the picture will be in the report