Scheduler and Email queue not working

Hello everyone,

I’m using ERPNext: v10.0.5 (master)
Frappe : v10.0.6 (master)

Email account is set properly.
But Scheduler is not working , emails are not coming in the Email Queue.
Welcome mails can be sent when a new user is created.
Also, mails can be sent using the Sendmail function when delayed set is false.

Can anyone help me in resolving this issue?

Below is the Output of “Show pending jobs” :

Have you tried to run, bench enable-scheduler from your frappe-bench directory?

Yes, it is already enabled. And i’ve run this command before as well.

We seem to be having the same issue @NikitaD30 have you resolved this issue?

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No, Did not get anything yet.

Can you post the output from bench doctor command

Below is the output of bench doctor.


Seems like for 2 sites (chaitrali_test & kf_data_migrate) Scheduler is disabled.

If you want to enable scheduler for one of those sites

Please run bench --site <site-name> enable-scheduler


Did , still the same .


One weird thing I noticed is that no workers are online.

Can you restart the bench server and run that bench doctor again and check if workers are online?

*(If you want to execute the pending jobs before restart run bench worker. Once all the jobs get executed you can kill that and restart your bench)


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