Scheduler customization

can we run scheduler twice a day and check whether it is sucessfully taken backup or not.

Hi @Hardik_Mehta,

Yes,You can check crontab.


@sagar can u please guide me on this how to run twice in a day and where is cronetab . i have not prior experience on server handling.

@Hardik_Mehta backups are handled via cronjobs. By default system take 4 backups daily on an interval of 6 hrs.

you can edit cronjobs, via crontab.

Go to terminal(command line interface) and run crontab -e

for more details on cron refer : Cron format

@saurabh6790 from frappe -bench shold i run run cronetab-e also while backup does it replace previous taken backup files ? and where it stores this backups.