Scheduler event in set two cron time it's not run perfect

I set Scheduler Event in two cron time because i want to run one python method run two time Every Month 6 date 2:15 PM and one Every Month 6 date 2:20 PM i set this scheduler but this event through first cron time on not run second time in run how to solve this issue and i want to run both time in one method how to run proper successfully.

This isn’t supported in current stable versions.

You can create a separate method that’s copy of the same and it will solve your problem.

How can i seprate it you can provide me one example

just duplicate the function.

def main_scheduled_function():

copy_scheduled_function = main_scheduled_function
"cron": {
   "20 ...": "file.main_scheduled_function",
   "30 ...": "file.copy_scheduled_function",

Without method seperation one method in is possible?

Like I said before:

This isn’t supported in current stable versions.

Ok Thank You @ankush