Scheduler for email digest

Dear Team,

I see /env/bin/python -m frappe.celery_app beat -s test.schedule, it is test.schedule, i mean “test”, in production enviroment, is there need any change?

By the way, how to enable scheduler to send the email digest.


Hello Yang,

No need of any changes in scheduler. Out of box, it works.
You can configure email digest @ Setup > Email > Email digest

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Yes, configured. However, no email sent/received for email digest(Other notification email can be sent). as it is scheduler sent email, not sure if we missed any config, say

/env/bin/python -m frappe.celery_app beat -s test.schedule, is test.schedule the right config?


Hello Yang,

I think you are not giving the correct directory variable in config.
Can you pls re-validate?

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Do you mean supervisor.conf?

Is there any file in frappe-bench/sites/{sitename}/locks dir, if any remove them.

Also, make sure that the scheduler is running

bench frappe --enable_scheduler {sitename}
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