Scheduler Job Manager, a simple app to schedule jobs at a date/time

Hi there,

i’ve created Background Job Manager, a very basic app that allow to schedule jobs at particular hour/day/week/month/year using rq-scheduler.

rq-scheduler is a small package that adds job scheduling capabilities to RQ.

Feel free to install, test, fork, comment; repo is available from github at:

It require rq-scheduler and it has been added in requirements; in case it will not be installed, should be added manually using:

pip install rq-scheduler

rq-scheduler comes with a script, rqscheduler, that runs a scheduler process that polls Redis once every minute and move scheduled jobs to the relevant queues when they need to be executed.

It’s needed to add it at startup so i’ve added it to Procfile in frappe-bench folder:

rqscheduler: rqscheduler -H localhost -p 11000 -v

It should work on develop branch only :slight_smile:

Any hint, critics, help is very very welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe could be a start to add it on frappe …



Will be great if you can update the README to show how you can use this app to schedule jobs!

Ok, will do :grinning: …first I need to figure out how make work in multitenant environment :laughing:

Any hint appreciated :grin:

I made it work…hopefully :grin: I’ve also added some docs :grinning:

Please have a look at:

As always any hint, critics, help is very very welcome :slight_smile: