Scheduling an email to send from ERP

Hi All,

I want to set up a scheduled email to send on a daily or weekly basis according to some conditions.

Here’s a concrete scenario. At the start of each week, I want to send an email to each supplier that have open POs with a delivery date withing the next seven days. For suppliers that meet that criteria, I want to send each an email where the body of the email has a list of each Purchase Order, and some chosen fields, such as issue date, requested deliver date, and so forth.

This is one example, ideally, I’d like to set up a similar email for clients, so they will get a summary email of all the deliveries we will make to then within the coming week.

The Email Alert feature appears to be document centric. What I’m looking for is scheduled reports, but the ability to use the results of the report in an email template, instead of sending the report as an attachment.

Has any one tackled such a use case yet?

Thanks all,

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You can write a custom app for this.

Pertinent APIs (available at frappe.db.sql) (for hooking to scheduler)