School module is the same that Education module in ERPNext?

Hello, I can’t understand.
School module is the same that Education module in Erpnext?
I am about this: GitHub - frappe/lms: Easy to Use, Open Source Learning Management System

No, it’s different apps , school for online course listing etc

No, They are using some different type of apps for school classess, they are not the same as erp…

@CA_B.C_Chechani @assignmenthelpwriter but in education module of ERPnext we have LMS. So what is better? What is difference?
Both have updates? But different ways?

Can I install it in ERPnext like module and integrate it?

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Education is a “domain” in ERPNext. This is mainly used by schools, colleges and other academic institutions along with ERPNext.

You can read more about it here. Introduction

Frappe School is an app built with Frappe framework. It doesn’t need ERPNext. This is used mostly to manage online courses.

You can look at a live demo of this at


I use Education domain. Do I need Frappe School? Or can I realize the same in Education Module? Because I need to realize online courses for our Students.