School Structure Mapping with ERPnext Education - Suggestion Required

Hi Guys,

I have been through the video tutorials and also read about Education module in ERPnext.
I have a confusion in mapping my school structure to ERPnext.
Below is my structure. we have different Division for Boys and Girls then these are divided into Classes (Program) but since, student strength is large. so, we divide a class into Sections.
(this is quite normal in school’s prospective).
A Class would have same courses, irrespective of whatever section we have.

I don’t think, there is any provision to make Divisions in ERPnext. So, i may use Division-Program as my program name.
is it correct to use Student Batch as my Division
Should i use, Student Batch as Section!
I don’t know, how can i add section in ERPnext. Any idea !

I saw student Batch and Student Group but i dont understand, how it can fit my model.
Please suggest me. so, i may push it further.

  1. One approach i have in my mind
    I can make Program as
    so on
    And i may group all students together Boys_Class_1_A … Boys_Class_1_F as Student Group (Boys_Class_1)
    But what to do with Sudent_Batch ! is it possible to ignore Batch throuhout the system !

  2. One more structure i was thinking is
    I can make Program as
    and then i can make Student Groups in Program Boys_Class_1
    Student Group → Boys_Class_1_A
    Student Group → Boys_Class_1_B
    Student Group → Boys_Class_1_C
    Again, i dont know, what should i do with batch


looking forward to hear from the community !!!

Hi @fawwad_hussaini

The best approach in this case will be making the Student Group Based on Batch using the combination of section name and division.

So you can create the Student Batch Name as
Girls Batch A
Boys Batch B

or similar whichever suits you.

But don’t create the program as combination of the Division and class. A program should only represent one particular set of course.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to reply tagging me.

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Hi @ManasSolanki

I am still confuse with the structure over Batch.

As you suggest Girls Batch A. This would be very confusing. As i would have
Girls Class 4 A
Girls Class 5 A
Girls Class 5 B
Girls Class 6 B

Batch Girls A → would have group as Girls 4 A and Girls 5 A (I feel, This is not making logical relations)
Batch Girls B → would have group as Girls 5 B and Girls 6 B

Is it possible to Ignore Batch as a whole ?

Or is it possible that i may create Division (Boys | Girls) as separate Batch !
So, i can Club all Girls program and student groups under Girls Batch !

please suggest !

Hi @fawwad_hussaini

So the concept of the one student batch is group of student (physically present together or that depends on the different scenario). Because student batch is used in all different modules like attendance, assessment and course scheduling.

so I will suggest to keep the class as it and making student batch as combination of your division and section

You can create Program as I,II, IV
and the sections as GA,GB ,BA, BB
The batch is for the sections you are referring to A, B but will not be possible to repeat hence you can add G and B for girls and Boys
If you want to check the reports as seperate schools for Girls and Boys then you can choose Girls as Department and Boys as Department.

Hi Sarita,

This is what i did for my scenario.

I created class as Program


For each Section, i create a batch

Later, As suggested by Manas - Groups are suppose to be a group of students those are physically together. Group is enclosed in a Batch.
So, i created a Student Group based on my Physical Class Section.
So, in my case each batch has one group (section).

student batch and student group are similar but student is created first.

Case in primary school grade 1 we have physically 60 students, each class having 20 students together not more. all 60 follow same learning program of grade 1 (boys and girls mixed)

students have optional courses, each student have to choose one course between computer and arts, by the end I will get two groups of 30 each, one for computers and second for art.

programe name : PGR1- Primary Gr1
batch name : PGR1a, PGR1b and PGR1C each 20 students
student group : PGR1g1 (30 student for computers), PGR1g2 (30 students for art)

in your case:

programe name : PB1 - Primary boys class 1
batch name : PB1a, PB1b, PG1a, PG1b
student group : not used since all girls and boys are attending same courses all toghether. or you can create again student group = student batch here what additional value to create student group? any impact if not created?


This is probably the best solution until ERPNext adds this as a feature in future versions.