School updated to 7.2.5 (No Changes for fees)

Hi @neilLasrado

Thank you for your last update and improvements on ERPNext school, as I know you are working very hard to link school fees module with accounting and adding more details like collecting fee date and paid date ,etc…
(My issue is I can see just the total amount of collected fees “I want to know which date I collected this fee and also print invoice with full of details” … I hope we will be able to see profits and losses and linking collected fees to the income account).
So is these features will come with the upcoming erpnext release? Or hopefully within near future.

Thank you a lot for your support and time.

Have a great day

We are redesigning the Fees module in school. Here is the Github Issue for the same. Schools - Fee Accounting Module · Issue #6771 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

The features you want will be available with this redesign. (surely before this month ends)


Hi Mr NeilLasrado,

I am really happy to hear that, please take your time, the community really appreciate your time and support.

Hi Neil,

What is the time you are looking to implement this feature. The ERPNext team is really helping the community.

Thank you for your support.



we are testing and evaluating ERPNext for our school and I have to say, that I like it a lot. We are looking forward to the fee module update. Does anybody know if this will land in ERPNext 8.0?


Interesting if students fees and accounts are connected. But I’m still in V7. Are student fees and accounts module already connected in V8?