Schools Module Changes

Hello, I upgraded Dev to

after this issue was fixed when I tried a few days ago

The main reason why I wanted to upgrade was to see how the merging of student batch and student group would go (Merge the student group and student batch by manassolanki · Pull Request #8663 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub). I have a couple issues I wanted to bring up here and see if there is a way to fix (or if I need to put in another git issue).

  1. My prod environment has a large collection of student batches in use today. I have students associated with batches. Here is a screen shot of one from prod

The issue I have is this student was not migrated to the same student group in dev that was upgraded (dev started with a copy of the prod database from a few days ago when I opened the above mentioned discussion)

I would have expected all the data from batches to merge into groups as part of the upgrade process. Has anyone else that uses Schools module seen the same?

  1. In prod I have a custom report created to list all the batches and which students are there

The report did not make it to groups in upgraded dev

Similar to #1, I would have expected everything related to batches to be merged into groups


I went ahead and opened a git issue


Hi @James_Robertson,
Thanks for reporting the issue with so many details, we have pushed a fix for all these issues.