Script does not run - a frappe video js script

I’m trying to make help videos with scripting, but the script fails to run. When i first wrote the script, it worked fine but now it doesn’t work and I didn’t make any changes to it. Here’s a picture of the error it throws. It doesn’t run on https. How do I resolve this?

well, no obvious or apparent exception traceback here from erpnext or frappe code.

So basic troubleshooting is to check for log files to identify what is broken for eg identify the (JS?) code library name & version and line of code and so on.

Google is your friend for eg javascript - Getting a UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning when testing using mocha/chai - Stack Overflow

edit: Please share details of how your script functions - that would help for audience and general learning!

edit: ok likely this repository GitHub - frappe/video: Node.js based library for automated video creation Frappe has 67 repos in all!?