Script for RUM monitoring


I need to add a custom script for RUM monitoring into my ERPNEXT instance.This script needs to be added into the header./footer section.

Is this possible?


Go to Website Settings and add it to the “Head” section

Or go to the Website module and add it as a Website Script

I have added where you said and now is showing me this

Help pls!

where did you actually add it? And what exact content did you add? It looks like either the content you added conflicts in some way with ERPNext, or the content was added incorrectly.

You may have to roll back your instance in order to get access to the desk again. Or go into the database.

script type=“text/javascript”>var rumMOKey=‘55fa72bc6d02c30fea863e456187eca3’;(function(){if(window.performance && window.performance.timing && window.performance.navigation) {var site24x7_rum_beacon=document.createElement(‘script’);site24x7_rum_beacon.async=true;site24x7_rum_beacon.setAttribute(‘src’,‘//'+rumMOKey);document.getElementsByTagName('head’)[0].appendChild(site24x7_rum_beacon);}})(window)</script

This is what I have added.

I have tryied to add restore but the latest avaiable data is from yesterday afternoon and If I restore that data I will lose all the day work…From the mobile app is working fine.

If I go from mobile to the Website script page is frozen but any other option is working.

Can I do somehting?

Through the mobile app, go into settings and remove the code you added.

If what you pasted above is character-for-character what you pasted into either of the options mentioned above, then yes, there will be problems. You need to add valid HTML, which the above is not.

If i go to website settings it doesn;t allow me to do something, the page is frozen…

If it doesnt work in the mobile app, you’ll have to roll back or go through the database.

I’m Surprised there’s no straight-forward way to paste script tags.

Encountered this problem. You can remove the settings as I did here using SQL: