Script Report files

I tried to follow this tutorial:

But i have some problems.
I cannot find the files that should be generated when creating a report. There’s nothing there.
Reports exists on erpnext but i cant find them on server.

Hello @Jan_Mrozek

Which version of Frappe and ERPNext do you use?
Are you sure you’re creating a Script Report, and specifically set the “Is Standard” to “Yes”. If the report is defined as not Standard, then no File System files are generated and all of the report definitions are persisted to the Database and not to files on the FS. I explain this in the first few paragraphs of the tutorial.

I use V12. I set Standard: Yes but still i cant find those files on the server

Hi, did you figured out the issue?? Having same problem in v14

Nope :frowning: I write some scripts on website

Can you give me a reference how you used it? I couldn’t figure it out.

I followed many tutorials but only this genereted a chart :smiley:

But I can’t generate the expected graph so I send the simplest tables to email using auto email report and then process the data in python

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