Script report Filter not working

Hello guys, i am having trouble filters not working for my script report. Hopefully someone can point out what i’m doing wrong. See code below

 def execute(filters=None):
columns, data = [], []
columns = [
		"fieldname": "name",
		"label" : _("Material Request"),
		"fieldtype": "Link",
		"options": "Material Request"
		"fieldname": "transaction_date",
		"label": _("Date "),
		"fieldtype": "Date",
		"fieldname": "item_code",
		"label": _("Item Code"),
		"fieldtype": "Link",
		"options": "Item",
		"fieldname": "qty",
		"label": _("Qty"),
		"fieldtype": "Float",
		"width": 150
		"fieldname": "item_name",
		"label": _("Item Name"),
		"fieldtype": "Data",
		"width": 150
		"fieldname": "description",
		"label": _("Description"),
		"fieldtype": "Data",
		"width": 200
		"fieldname": "company",
		"label": _("Company"),
		"fieldtype": "Link",
		"options": "Company",
		"width": 150
if filters.from_date > filters.to_date:
	frappe.throw(_("From Date must be before To Date {}").format(filters.to_date))

where_filter = {"from_date": filters.from_date,"to_date": filters.to_date,}
where = ""
if filters.material_req:
	where += '  AND = %(material_req)s '
	where_filter.update({"material_req": filters.material_req})
if filters.item:
	where += '  AND tmr_item.item_code = %(item)s '
	where_filter.update({"item": filters.item})

data = frappe.db.sql('''SELECT ,
							tmr.transaction_date ,
							tmr_item.qty ,
							(`tabMaterial Request` tmr), (`tabMaterial Request Item` tmr_item)
							tmr_item.parent =
						and tmr.docstatus = 1
						and tmr.status != "Stopped"
						and not exists(select name from `tabSupplier Quotation Item` where
						AND tmr.transaction_date BETWEEN %(from_date)s AND %(to_date)s
						ORDER BY tmr.transaction_date
						 '''+ where,
							where_filter, as_dict=1,as_list=1

return columns, data

where is your js file?

Thanks for replying , i’m sorry i must have forgotten to update that i closed this particular issue a while ago.

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If it’s not too much trouble, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share both the .js and .py files that you have working .

Thanking you

The system has undergone so many changes since then and i no longer have the requested files, but if you have a particular problem you could post here and maybe i will be able to help you.