Script report help

Our company has a few hourly employees, they log their hours in ERPNext in the attendance module with some customizations I made there so they can enter hours as well. Payroll is not done in ERPNext, instead the accountant gets the total hours for a pay period from a Report Builder report I made. Recently we had a paid holiday and it was missed because the holidays do not show up on that report and people don’t enter an attendance record on a holiday.

So I want to make a script report that can show attendance_date, employee, employee_name, and status from tabAttendance for dates between a from date and to date, and also show holiday_date and description on the same report for any holidays that fall within the same from and to date. I have been experimenting with the Employees Working On A Holiday report as a guide but the date filters on it are actually broken and I don’t understand enough to fix them. I also don’t understand how to add data from 2 different table sources together.



Please see the following link on how to make a script report.