Script Report Issues

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all fine and doing great.
Actually i’m trying to make ‘Script Report’ of my doctype name ‘Vehilces’ and i made custom app named ‘Fleet Management’ and i also set the developer mode as well and when i search in the Awesome bar the Report List then there i simply create new Report with type ‘Script Type’ and i select the Module ‘Fleet Management’ and i also select the Roles that is ‘Fleet Manager’ but when i click on ‘Save’ button the this below Error display:
Server Error: AttributeError: ‘Report’ object has no attribute ‘is_tree’

so how i can resolve this error and I also want to mentioned that i’m already doing all this stuff under Administrator User. and also there is no report folder in my custom_app
So how i can resolve this Error.
Thanks to everyone.

Possibly this will help: How to create an "Absolute Minimum Script Report"?