Script Report not shown in the report list

Hi Everyone,
I have created a script report but I am not able to see the same in my report list.
Is there anything else which I forgot to do?

Ruchin Sharma

@ruchin78 The report appears in the module in which Ref DocType of the report belongs. What did you select in Ref DocType?

I have select Time Log (Projects) but it is not shown there.
Steps Followed:

  1. Created a new report and select report type as Script Report.
  2. Saved the report.
  3. Opened the template created by report.
  4. Written my code in the
  5. Saved the file.
  6. bench restart
  7. bench start
  8. When I browse the ERP, I didn’t see my report under project module.

For standard reports you have to add it to config/