Script Report Print Format: Filter in Print

Hello @community

I want to add filters in print as well. Currently i have set two filters in script report which is 1) From Date 2) To Date

I want those filters in print as well. but when i print this report i have this kind of print page.

How can i achieve this ?

Any Guidance on this ?

Hardik Gadesha

Did you try this?

Add html file in pending task report and render according to your requirement.

{%= dateutil.str_to_user(filters.from_date) %} {%= __("to") %} {%= dateutil.str_to_user(filters.to_date) %}

Hello @vishdha

Thanks For your reply.

Actually i am new to print formate and those html stuff. So could you please elaborate this in brief.

In pending_task_report.html add following lines

{%= dateutil.str_to_user(filters.from_date) %} {%= __("to") %} {%= dateutil.str_to_user(filters.to_date) %}
used this code in html page unable to show html tag in editor
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Could you please share screen shoat of html tag ?

@vishdha Thanks for your help.

It’s very useful to me. i have written html tag as per my requirements but i couldn’t able to fetch data in columns.

Here is my code.

Here is the report print formate.

Where did i was wrong here ? Could you please elaborate this ?

did your report work well? I mean in normal report view.

check html file and do necessary changes

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@vishdha Thanks for your help. It’s Done.

We want to know how to print the customer’s address and GST NO at Accounts Receivable report.

@renga have you created any custom reports for Accounts Receivable report or you have used ERPNext Report it self.

In both the case you can write your own HTML file to print data as you want in report.