Script Report print View

I have notice sales invoice has this print preview

Ang script reports like profit and Loss has this print preview

Is it possible to have a print preview like the sales invoice in a script report?

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@ccfiel check this:

Hello @rmehta,

Thanks for the reply. :smile: I have already made this kind of report but I did not get this kind of header

When doing this the link you given. It will just automatically preview the full page html format no choice to render it as pdf not like the the sales invoice print format it has an option “Print”", “Edit”, “Full Page” and “PDF”. Can I do that in script report?

Is there away to generate a pdf not the html one in script report? I have notice script report generate an html format.

Yeah seems like we need PDF for reports! Maybe you can use the API for now.

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@rmehta yes I am using @bohlian PR for now :smile: