Script Report showing no data

I am creating a custom script report for a custom doctype “Inspection”. Docs of this doctype are basically inspection checklists for different cemeteries which can have different status (active, inactive, etc…) Ultimately, I want a report that would show the “Cemetery”, it’s “Status” and “Total Inspections” done on this cemetery. This report can be filtered by date range, cemetery status or for a certain cemetery.

JS Code:

frappe.query_reports["Cemetery Inspections"] = {
    "filters": [
            "fieldname": "cemetery_status",
            "label": __("Cemetery Status"),
            "fieldtype": "Select",
            "options": ["فعالة", "غير فعالة", "عشوائية"],
            "default": "فعالة"
            "fieldname": "cemetery",
            "label": __("Cemetery"),
            "fieldtype": "Link",
            "options": "Cemetery"
            "fieldname": "from_date",
            "label": __("From Date"),
            "fieldtype": "Date",
            "default": frappe.datetime.add_months(frappe.datetime.nowdate(), -1)
            "fieldname": "to_date",
            "label": __("To Date"),
            "fieldtype": "Date",
            "default": frappe.datetime.nowdate()

Python Code

def get_columns():
    return [
            'fieldname': 'cemetery',
            'label': _('Cemetery'),
            'fieldtype': 'Link',
            'options': 'Cemetery'
            'fieldname': 'cemetery_status',
            'label': _('Cemetery Status'),
            'fieldtype': 'Select',
            'options': 'فعالة\nغير فعالة\nعشوائية'
            'fieldname': 'total_inspections',
            'label': _('Total Inspections'),
            'fieldtype': 'Int'

def get_data(filters):
    data = []
    inspections = frappe.get_all('Inspection', filters={
        'cemetery_status': filters.get('cemetery_status'),
        'date': ('between', [filters.get('from_date'), filters.get('to_date')])
    cemetery_count = {}
    for inspection in inspections:
        cemetery = inspection.get('cemetery')
        if cemetery in cemetery_count:
            cemetery_count[cemetery] = cemetery_count.get(cemetery, 0) + 1
            cemetery_count[cemetery] = 1

    for cemetery, count in cemetery_count.items():
            'cemetery': cemetery,
            'cemetery_status': frappe.get_value('Cemetery', cemetery, 'status'),
            'total_inspections': count

    return data

def execute(filters=None):
    return get_columns(), get_data(filters)


Report is not standard.
Using ERPNext V14 hosted on Frappe Cloud.

Any help is appreciated…
Thanks in advance!

Still looking for help on this

Anyone can help with this?