Script Reports Help

Hello Team
I need some help in script reports

  • How to build script report that show live charts?
  • How to make report collapse rows depend on specific field?

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have a look at:

Thanks @JoEz
I don’t want to use HTML page i need charts in report page!! any help?

Yes I need like this but in report page.
please tell me when u find this code to do collapse as shown in picture

You can create a script report, have a look at maintenance report

Thanks again @JoEz
I actually do my report

but i need collapse speed field depend on speed value like all 0.1 collapse together

you need to change the query grouping by speed instead of per date

Hi @Omar_Salah
Can you please share ur code if possible i m struggling the same issue long time with no solution


@SOLOSOFT witch one?

Shopper statistics

@SOLOSOFT If you mean Charts follow this link

note: “js file more important than others”

The problem is i have more than one line of chart to show i need to change sql query (turn rowns into lines)

@SOLOSOFT If you mean like this

you must follow erpnext/erpnext/accounts/report/balance_sheet at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

and please if you understand this topic tell me :grin::joy:

Where you able to figure this one out?

I believe The answer lies in the way the rows are structured.

As a tip: each row is given a specific structure and elements.
Each row also refers to the following function one directory above the python file you link, which is