Scripting for populating data to job applicant form fields which is linked through email

We have linked our email account for auto creation job applicant which is working but when i am opening any lead entry then in the lead form fields by default it is showing only full name and email in the form and full name is also incorrect one so, what we wanted to do is just want to populate these form fields by reading the email body and then extract the information and finally just put into the form fields. And for reading this email body am trying to add logic on server side python file but unable to get that email body information and it is not coming as a part of document object i tried with frappe.get_doc() function. am attaching the screenshots for more better picture.

Hi @kunals201 , did you ever manage to figure this out? I am trying to do the same thing with Issues

Hello @kunals201, I am trying to do something similar. I would appreciate it if you share your findings.